POSTED: 21/09/2019

We provided a free Triumph Adventure Experience to the first of our new Scrambler 1200 customers this year – and finally fulfilled it this week.

After a quick drive (approx. 2 hours from our dealership) in the evening sun, we had a few beers together and were all looking forward to the next day in the Brecon Beacons.

We have found a local B&B to stay -  not only bike themed, but run by riders too, who only had good things to say about riding in the local area. This carries a minimal cost and we hope to combine an overnight stay in our future events price.

I have been to the Adventure Centre before – but it was good to see the impressions on other people’s faces as we arrived. The setup has obviously had no expense spared – and is superbly organised. They now have around 2 years under their belt and have had thousands of customers through from around the world. This shows as it runs so smoothly and quickly.

Full facilities are on site for showering post ride, and after a quick briefing about the days plans, we found all our correct sized gear laid out for us. The experience includes the motorcycle hire, clothing, boots and gloves. The only equipment you need to bring is a helmet.

There are even GoPro camera available for hire – at just £20/day to capture your good (and bad) bits.

We had arrived at 8:30 am, and were on the bikes by 9:15 – with approx. 10 miles to cover before the first off road section (the training arena and start of green lanes are only minutes from the main centre). It was a bit of a drop in the deep end trying the smallest lanes in the rain on off road tyres. You appreciated the traction control more here than when we went off road.

Whilst this day was a green lane / off road introduction, there are various skill levels, and types of course on offer. Triumph have had a good percentage of customers return to improve their skills later on.

There were 3 instructors to our 10 riders, so throughout the day, as the difficulty of the trail increased, we were also pointed through the best techniques and skills required to complete everything. I certainly noticed as the days went on, my confidence off road just improved, but also our speed did the same throughout the group – and as far as I am aware we were all outside of our comfort zone, but only by the right amount to test us as opposed intimidate or put us off.

After a slightly wet morning (not that it mattered or made any difference), we stopped for lunch in a small village – the planning that went into the day showed here as we turned up to our pre-booked choice being served and a drink in our hand, it simply could not have been slicker.

Through the afternoon, some of the more experience riders appreciated the trails getting harder, and I think a nice balance was struck between making it interesting enough for the ones with the ability and also easy enough for those with less experience.

We have a lots of video footage from the day, and would welcome anybody who wishes to talk more about it, or express and interest in attending themselves.

We will be looking to run courses, for customers with no off road experience, up to well-practised off roaders amongst us.

Please contact us HERE to register your interest.

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